cost_accounting_test_bankCh05 2

cost_accounting_test_bankCh05 2


MULTIPLE CHOICE 36. An accelerated need for refined cost systems is due to: a. global monopolies b. rising prices c. intense competition d. a shift toward increased direct costs Answer: c Difficulty: 2 Terms to Learn: activity-based costing (ABC) 39. Refining a cost system includes: a. classifying as many costs as indirect costs as is feasible b. creating as many cost pools as possible c. identifying the activities involved in a process d. seeking a lesser level of detail Answer: c Terms to Learn: activity Difficulty: 2 Objective: 2 Objective: 1

40. Greater indirect costs are associated with: a. specialized engineering drawings b. quality specifications and testing c. inventoried materials and material control systems d. All of these answers are correct. Answer: d Difficulty: 1 Terms to Learn: product-cost cross-subsidization Objective: 2

45. A single indirect-cost rate may distort product costs because: a. there is an assumption that all support activities affect all products b. it recognizes specific activities that are required to produce a product c. costs are not consistently recorded d. it fails to measure the correct amount of total costs Answer: a Difficulty: 2 Terms to Learn: product-cost cross-subsidization Objective: 3



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