Sample Statement of Purpose for Electrical Engineering

Sample Statement of Purpose for Electrical Engineering

xxxxxxxUniversity, a lab which is especially devoted to projects commissioned by China Foundation of Natural Sciences. I was responsible for a large part of the project, which was the calculation design in the construction of the brain's three-dimensional model. In this project, I proposed the division of nuclear magnetic resonance image by applying the approach of temporal field division, thereby separating different tissues of the human brain and then reconstructing them into a three-dimensional image. This approach was highly positive comments from my advisor for its remarkable originality. The research findings were subsequently published in xxxxxx University Journal. As I delved deeper into my research, I have discovered that, in the field of therapeutic instruments, a large number of theoretical and technical problems still remain unsolved, among which the processing of medical image fascinates me most. Although recent research has achieved considerable progress and breakthroughs in this field, there are still some problems that demand urgent solution. In particular, there is the problem of poor practical applicability of medical images, resulting in the failure of those images to provide sufficient medical information for the medical personnel during their clinical practice. The key for working out this problem lies in the method of processing electronic signals.

On this issue, although I studied many undergraduate courses related to electronics and have laid a tentative foundation for undertaking research on electronic signals, my existing knowledge is far from enough for reaching a relatively complete solution. My conclusion is that I have to seek more advanced studies in the field of electrical and electronic engineering in order to make important achievements in the future. Based on this recognition and in view of the relatively backward conditions of China in this field, I am determined to pursue further studies in the United States. I wish that my further studies could strengthen me in terms of the advanced knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering. By combining the basic knowledge and the research experience that I have accumulated in the area of biomedical engineering over the past few years, and by utilizing the multi-disciplinary advantages, I will endeavor to address some of the existing problems in the field of medical instruments.

The 21st century is the century of biology. Biological developments have provided theoretical foundation for achieving medical progress. But medical progress also depends on the development in other categories of technology and electrical and electronic engineering is one of such technologies. It has made the invention of many important medical instruments possible. Nevertheless, mankind still urgently needs the invention of much more sophisticated instruments. This will be a hard process. Now that modern biology, electronic engineering and other relevant sciences have created possibilities for realizing this objective, I wish that I could become involved in this historical process and that I could make my due contributions to this process.

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