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Telerik School Academy is an initiative of Telerik Corporation for conducting a series

of free trainings in software engineering with C# and .NET Framework for high

school students, helping them to prepare themselves for the National IT Olympiad.

The training events will be organized once monthly for 3 days in Sofia. The trainings

are free, but the students’ expenses are supposed to be covered by themselves or

by their school. Students are supposed to bring their own laptop for the practical


The learning objectives of the Telerik School Academy program cover the C#

language, .NET Framework, databases and SQL server, ORM engines, Web

applications development with ASP.NET and AJAX, desktop applications development with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and RIA applications development with Silverlight. A special attention will be given to preparing for the IT Olympiad official technical test.

Preliminary Program

The course program focuses on data-driven Web, desktop and RIA applications development with C# 4.0, .NET Framework 4.0, Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2008.

Meeting I – Introduction to C# Programming – November 2010

1. Telerik School Academy – Introduction

2. Sample Technical Test for Preparation for the IT Olympiad

3. .NET Framework Overview – .NET, .NET Framework, CLR, MSIL, Assemblies, CTS, .NET languages

4. C# Language Overview – Part I – Data Types, Operators, Expressions, Statements, Console I/O, Conditional Statements, Loops, Arrays, Methods

5. C# Language Overview – Part II – Creating and Using Objects, Namespaces, Exceptions, Strings, Generics, Collections, Attributes, Lambda Expressions, Extension Methods

6. Object-Oriented Programming with C# – Defining Classes, Constructors, Properties, Static Members, Structures, Delegates and Events, Interfaces, Inheritance and Polymorphism

7. Practical Project – Implementing an Algorithm for Playing the “Triple ” Game (in teams)

Meeting II – Software Engineering and Team Working – December 2010

1. Sample Technical Test for Preparation for the IT Olympiad

2. High-Quality Programming Code – Naming Identifiers, Code Formatting, High-Quality Methods, Correctly Using Variables, Constants, Conditional Statements and Loops, Defensive Programming, Self-Documenting Code, Code Refactoring

3. Software Engineering Fundamentals – Processes, Methodologies and Project Development Lifecycle, Project Plan, Analysis and Specification, Architecture and Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment

4. Source Control Systems and Team Working –

Using TFS, SVN, TRAC, CodePlex, Google Code, etc.

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