The Differences of Wedding Clothing between China and Western 论文

The Differences of Wedding Clothing between China and Western 论文

The Differences of Wedding Clothing between China and Western

Zhang Rongrong 张荣荣

Class 1, Grade 2008 No. 200805140136

The School of Foreign Language China West Normal University

A Paper for Intercultural Communication

May 5, 2012

The Differences of Wedding Clothing between China and Western Abstract: In the 5000 years development of history ,China formed its own unique wedding dress culture custom, while western also has formed its own characteristics of wedding dress culture . Along with the communication between China and western country continuously increased, on the one hand, the difference of culture became more obvious and intrusive, especially in the wedding clothing. On the other hand, Chinese and Western accepted the wedding culture of each other, and continuously integrate and innovate to infuse new vitality for the wedding dress culture. Key Words: Wedding clothing, China, western country. Ⅰ. Introduction Wedding dress is a kind of ceremonial dress. The design of wedding dress consists of bouquet, veil and others that worn clothes and apparel goods by the bridges. According to culture, religion and fashion trend, people choose different styles of wedding dress. Until up to now, the wedding dress both in china and in western society have undergone a long history process. In western country, there are different accounts of the development of wedding dress, but a version points out that wedding dress came into existence with literary records in ancient Greece. It is generally believed that the white dress worn by queen Victoria of England on her wedding ceremony in 1840, which established the firm foundation for white wedding dress as the formal dress in modern and contemporary time. In addition, it also built up a typical style of tight chest and fluffy skirt for wedding dress culture. But until now, there is no strict rules and custom to wedding dress. From the 20th century, wedding dress entered the period of breaking through the limits of tradition. In the 1910s, the style of wedding dress received the effects of popularity, which appeared a new style of short hemlines and varied shapes. In the mid-20th century, the production of wedding dress has stopped because of the World War II. During this period, brides had worn the best cloth not the wedding dress to celebrate their wedding. Until the end of the war II to the 1970s, more and more people advocated the palace-style wedding dress, which shows the feelings of luxury. And until now, it is easy for woman to choose the color and material ,what's more, in the design of wedding dress, it is no longer followed the tradition of the source type of the pines, but it included more popular personality factors ,such as concision and elegance into it. In the long process of Chinese history, there are many kinds of wedding dress. With the development of times, the wedding dress filled with traditional characteristics has changed all the time. And the traditional wedding dress i

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