On the Causes of Tess of the D’urbervilles’s Tragedy

On the Causes of Tess of the D’urbervilles’s Tragedy

ut him and an elder woman, Tess forgives him because full love. But after hearing Tess’s confession, Angle can’t accept the truth. He is so angry that he leaves her abruptly for Brazil. Poverty forces Tess to work at a farm Flincomb Ash where she is insulted and ill ----treated by master. At the same time, Alec appears again. Alec tempts Tess again by many methods, although Tess doesn’t change her mind. But her dad’s death makes the family lose their home. Then Tess is in contradiction and confusion in the periods. She writes several letters to Clare to ask for help, but she waits for nothing. She comes to helpless; meanwhile, Alec keeps in persuading her and cheating her. In the case of no better way to go, Tess chooses to come to Alec again, although she still loses her heart with her husband Clare as before. On the other hand, Clare is ill in Brazil, so he doesn’t know the trouble about Tess. Finally, advised by a friend in Brazil, Clare realizes his fault and decides to come back to forgive Tess and go to Brazil together. What’s more, the parents of Clare also would like to accept Tess. Clare can’t find Tess after his returning because the family has moved. He comes to many places to get information of his wife, but he finds nobody knows anything about Mrs. Clare. He suddenly understands his wife’s painful sufferings. Clare finds his dear wife finally, but her dressing is not that as he imagined. Her dressing is graceful as a rich woman. Tess is so excited and broken-hearted to meet her husband and she tells him it’ too late. Angle gets to know everything and leaves the boarding house lonely. At the time of his getting into the train, somebody runs to him, it’s his wife, Tess. They get in to the train together; Tess tells her husband she killed Alec just now. Clare makes up his mind to share anything with his wife. After several days of escaping for no destination, they are found by the police. Tess is sentenced to death and Clare starts a new life with her sister.

Soon after Tess of the D’Urbervilles was published some critics had already recognized that Mr. Hardy’s latest novel is his greatest.

1 The Main Causes of Tess’s Tragedy

According to the famous work Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Hardy, who is an English poet and novelist with many outstanding works, we can gain an entire impression of Tess. As the most significant novel in Hardy’s life, it is “The novel is so direct in its appeal and unambiguous in its story line that for many readers all commentary will be redundant” (Thomas Hardy, 2005:2).Tess is a girl of beauty, diligence, goodness, and simplicity. But unfortunately she faces poverty, defile, and discrimination. There are not only many social causes, but also personal factors, even some occasional for Tess’s tragedy.

1.1 Historical Background

1.1.1 The England in 19th century

The main cause on Tess’s tragedy is from the society she lives in. Industrialization is filled w

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