How the Internet has been used in different fields

How the Internet has been used in different fields

How the Internet has been used in different fields:

The internet has been used in many different fields. The following are examples of how the internet has been used in fields besides the ones mentioned in the texts in this unit:

◆The customer relationship management system has always been in use. For instance, the

grocery next door has always kept track of his customers’ habits in order to make his own business stay profitable. What new technologies are making possible is the electronic CRM (e-CRM) as the latest way of applying the concept of the “grocery next door” to whatever business, whatever its dimension or complexity.

◆E-Government refers to the use by government agencies of information technologies that

have the ability to transform relations with citizens, businesses, and other arms of government. These technologies can serve a variety of different ends; better delivery of government services to citizens, improved interactions with business and industry, citizen empowerment through access to information, or more efficient government management. The resulting benefits can be less corruption, increased transparency, greater convenience, revenue growth, and/or cost reductions.

◆Multichannel delivery is a technology or a set of technologies aimed at delivering the same

document, over heterogeneous networks, to different types of devices. For example we want to deliver traffic information to a Web browser on a PC connected to the Internet, to a Wap enabled handled phone over GSM network or to anordinary telephone over PSTN.

Multichannel delivery technologies provide complete support by modifying the same content so that it can be sent on through different channels to different devices in a completely automated way.

◆E-learning is the learning that makes use of electronic facilities such as the Web. With

e-learning, one can study anywhere and any time, as long as one has a properly configured computer. E-learning is delivered via CD-ROM, Network, Intranet or Internet. It can include text, video, audio, animation and virtual environ. The beauty of e-learning is that it frees the learner from the physical classroom and the class schedule.

◆With web-based document management, documents need no longer be couriered physically

around the world. Instead, with careful encryption, even highly sensitive documents can be transmitted in seconds from one part of the world to another for sharing, management or storage.

Expressions Plus

The following expressions may be introduced to your students to facilitate their discussion on the theme of internet and lifestyle:

◆Some young people hook up to the Internet in pursuit of love.

◆They often socialize with their friends on the Internet.

◆Surfing the Internet is part of his life.

◆He often asks his friends to visit his Web site.

◆They sometimes download authorized software from the Internet.

◆The Internet has been widely used throughout the world.

◆She described the incident over the Internet.

◆World Wide Web allows people to send and receive information throughout the Internet.

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