d women over the past few years in that region. A. being B. to be C. to have been D. having been 47. She managed to save ______ she could out of her wages to help her brother. A. how little money B. so little money C. such little money D. what little money 48. Fool ____ Jane is, she could not have done such a thing. A. who B. as C. that D. like 49. The experiment requires more money than _____. A. have been put in B. being put in C. has been put in D. to be put in 50. _______ for the fact that she broke her leg, she might have passed the exam. A. Had it not been B. Hadn’t it been C. Was it not D. Were it not 51. “What courses are you going to do next semester?” “I don’t know. But it’s about time _______ on something.” A. I’d decide B. I decided C. I decide D. I’m deciding 52. The police have offered a large ________for information leading to the robbers arrest. A. award B. compensation C. prize D. reward 53. I arrives at the airport so late that I ______ missed the plane. A. only B. quite C. narrowly D. seldom 54. The popularity of the film shows that the reviewers’ fears were completely ______ A. unjustified B. unjust C. misguided D. unaccepted 55. The head of the Museum was ____ and let us actually examine the ancient manuscripts. A. promising B. agreeing C. pleasing D. obliging 56. The multinational corporation was making a take-over _____ for a property company. A. application B. bid C. proposal D. suggestion 57. The party’s reduced vote was ______ of lack of support for its policies. A. indicative B. positive C. revealing D. evident

58. There has been a ______ lack of communication between the union and the management. A. regretful B. regrettable C. regretting D. regretted 59. The teacher ________ expects his students to pass the university entrance examination. A. confidently B. proudly C. assuredly D. confidently 60. The ______ family in Chinese cities now spends more money on housing than before. A. normal B. average C. usual D. general 61. The new colleague ____ to have worked in several big corporations before he joined our company. A. confess B. declares C. claims D. confirms 62. During the reading lesson, the teacher asked students to read a few ______ from the novel. A. pieces B. essays C. fragments D. extracts 63. During the summer holiday season it is difficult to find a(n) _____ room in the hotels here. A. empty B. vacant C. free D. deserted 64. The old couple will never ______ the loss of their son. A. get over B. get away C. get off D. get across 65. Scientific research results can now be quickly ________ to factory production. A. used B. applied C. tried D. practiced READING TEXT A Many of the home electric goods which are advertised as liberating the modern woman tend to have the opposite effect, because they simple change the nature of work instead of eliminating it. Machines have a certain novelty value, like toys for adults. It is certainly less tiring to put clothes in a washing machine, but the tim

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