LCD Messages

The following table provides detail on error messaged that may be displayed on the system LCD. NOTE: If the user presses and holds the ID button for approximately 5 seconds, the LCD will enter the BIOS Progress Code state. This feature is very useful when troubleshooting a no POST or no video situations.  Cable and Board Presence  Temperature - Message Code: Message Code: x1Axx x11xx  Voltages - Message Code:  Fans - Message Code: x13xx x12xx  System Memory - Message Code:  Processors - Message Code: x21xx x14xx  BIOS - Message Code: x17xx  Power Supplies - Message  Miscellaneous - Message Code: Code: x16xx x19xx  Hard Drives - Message Code:  BIOS Fatal Error Codes x18xx Message Code: x20xx  BIOS Progress Codes - Message  Special Exceptions - Message Code: N/A Code: x10xx Cable and Board Presence - Message Code: "x1Axx" Syste m Phase When Event Can Occur ?

Mess age Code

Message String

Messa Exis Minimum Action ge ts Message Comments Required to Remove Prior in Message from LCD ity SEL?

PDB power cable to the planar is Failing device is E1A1 PDBPwrCabl Pre-P High missing or bad and reseated/replaced/ Yes 0 e ost system will not repaired. power on. PCI risers are not configured Failing device is E1A1 PCIRsrConf correctly; some Pre-P High reseated/replaced/ Yes 1 ig invalid ost repaired. configurations prevent system


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