Comparison between Chinese V alue and American V alue

As we know, every country in the world has its disciplines and laws to guarantee that its social system will function well, and we human beings also have to live under the restraint of these rules. While disciplines and laws cannot be the only element of a social system, it’s the value which promotes the establishment of the system. Even though we share some general values such as hardworking, honest and loyalty, due to the different environment we live in, each country will have its featured values that are different from any other country. Take Chinese value and American value for example. Both of the two countries appreciate kindness, honest, diligence and some other nice value, however, they have many different values.

First, individualism

Americans are very independent, for instance, parents in American family seldom interpose what their children are doing, they prefer to let their children develop themselves freely; on the contrary, this kind of attitude would be regarded as irresponsible in Chinese society. Besides, American children choose to live alone without their parents, while we Chinese usually enjoy living with parents or even grandparents in a big family.

Second, privacy

Americans usually respect other people’s privacy, even between friends they seldom ask “personal questions”, such as age, salary and marital status. Y et when we Chinese have a chat, we usually want to have the idea about others’personal information, which is considered impolite in America.

Third, informality

Americans are more go-as-you-easy not only in dress or entertainment, but also in interpersonal communication, despite there maybe a sharp gab between the two persons on their age or status. Nevertheless, we Chinese have been thought much about etiquette, we appreciate those who show courtesy in interaction, we are taught to respect the aged and cherish the young since we were children. If we call our parents’ or teachers’name instead of their real salutations like western people, we will be considered discourteous and disrespectful. Fourth, future orientation

We may be familiar with the situation where a leader or somebody like that in a meeting keeps saying that how many achievements they have achieved during the past years. This often happens in China since Chinese seem to be bound up with our “brilliant, admirable” past. But it will seldom take place in America, where people are usually future oriented. In America, people will not be satisfied with what they have got, instead, they tend to look forward and keep moving. No matter what may happen in the future, they just face it.

In conclusion, since there are differences between Chinese and American value, we’d better realize their advantages and disadvantages. And we can adopt its good points and avoid its weak points, so that it may help us to be better men.

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