How should parents help children to be independent

How should parents help children to be independent

How should Parents Help Children to Be Independent
• Which of the following should be included in the writing? 1. China’s one-child policy 2. The description of the phenomenon that parents do everything for the children 3. The reason why parents do everything for the children 4. The reason why parents should not do everything for the children 5. Tips on how parents help children to be independent 6. Your own opinion on this issue

• 1. phenomenon description (reasons can be mentioned here explicitly) • 2. tips on how parents can help children to be dependent • 3. conclusion --- your own comments • What’s the purpose of this writing? • Which part should be further developed?

Topic sentence
• In order to help children to be independent, it is high time that parents should take effective measures/steps to change their way of treating children. • It is advisable that …. • How should parents help children to be independent? • Given that independence is an indispensable quality for an adult to survive in the world, parents should do something to make their children strong and independent.

Ways of development
• Generalizable rule: to make your explanation generally and universally applicable • Read the following quotations and decide which of the following is more generalizable?

• 1. Parents should let the children pack up school bags, wash clothes, and clean the room themselves • 2. The best way to make them independence is to send them to a boarding school • 3. Parents should not give too much money to their children

General to specific
• 1. Parents can start to ask the children to do the simplest things first, such as packing up their school bags and giving a hand in the housework. • 2. Parents should leave the children enough time and enough room to take care of themselves. In this sense, a boarding school or a vocation without parents might be a good choice. • 3. Parents should let children know it really takes pains and effort to get something, so it is not wise for parents to give the pocket money away easily.

Constructive suggestions
• 1. Don’t be afraid when your children may come across obstacles or failures, since these are the setbacks they must undergo in their lives. • 2. Instead of telling them what to do next, parents should teach the children how to make it first. Patience is an essential quality for the parents. • 3. Parents should encourage the children to speak out their own thoughts and make their own decisions. The ability to think independently and make decisions is an essential quality for one to survive in this highly competitive world.

Be objective in the writing
• As long as parents accomplish all the steps I have given, I am sure that children will be more independent and intelligent enough to deal with any problem which they will confront.

Modified version
• The above-mentioned steps do not guarantee to fully develop the children’s independ

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