The analysis of the characters in A Horseman in the sky

The analysis of the characters in A Horseman in the sky

short-story writer, and novelist, an enigmatic figure, who disappeared in the Mexican Revolution. His end is still a mystery, but he is presumed to have died in the siege of Ojinega on 11 January 1914. Bierce is best-known for his numerous short stories collected in TALES OF SOLDIERS AND CIVILIANS (1891), which show the influence of Edgar Allan Poe. However, Bierce himself was annoyed by comparisons. As a literary critic he was against realism. After Stephen Crane published his famous novel about the Civil War, The Red Badge of Courage, Bierce wrote: "I had thought there could be only two worse writers than Stephen Crane, namely, two Stephen Cranes." During his lifetime, he was famous for his short novels, which depict a terrible and horrifying world and the poor people who suffered a lot from it. The latter part of his lifetime was passed with sadness and boredom. Just because of the special life experience the author had, had this wonderful novel came up. Carter Druse, the hero of the novel, a normal peasant, was born in Virginia. He loved his parents, his home and the south and the peace. But most of all, he loved his country from his deep heart.. And in the autumn of eighteen sixty-one, when the United States was divided into two parts by a terrible civil war, Carter Druse, a southerner decided to join the Union Army of the north. What a brave decision did he make! I even can’t imagine how long time it took him to choose the peace of the whole country instead of the one of himself. The incident described in "The


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