OpenNI开发包 Kinect 安装方法

OpenNI开发包 Kinect  安装方法

Installing OpenNI on Windows

Installing OpenNI requires a number of pieces of supporting software that all have to be installed for things to work. Thankfully, a company called ZigFu provides a one-click installer that puts all the pieces in place in one shot. You can download the ZigFu installer for Windows from downloads. Select the Zigfu Dev Bundle (not the one labeled “for Mac”). This will provide an .exe file you can double-click that should install everything. However, despite its convenience, the ZigFu installer is still experimental and not officially supported by OpenNI. Hence I’ve also included instructions for how to install all of these pieces the conventional way directly from OpenNI. These instructions are more complex, but they should work for you if the ZigFu installer fails for some reason. I’ll provide the basic steps here along with links to each piece. Make sure you read the pages for each component carefully to ensure that you’re following the correct steps to install them for your system. All of the modules you’ll need are available on the OpenNI downloads page ( You’ll need to visit that page multiple times to get each of the components one at a time:

•Start by downloading the hardware drivers. Select OpenNI Compliant Hardware Binaries from the first drop-down menu. In the second dropdown, select Stable. Then, in the final drop-down, you’ll need to select the appropriate version for your version of Windows. However, make sure you select the 32-bit version instead of the 64-bit version, even if you’re on a

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