Different attitudes towards homosexuality in Chinese and American culture

Different attitudes towards homosexuality in Chinese and American culture

Different attitudes towards homosexuality in Chinese and American culture Abstract: Because of people ’ s different attitudes homosexuality in Chinese and American culture, there are different social phenomena or laws about those who are regarded as abnormal people in Chinese culture in the present. As a matter of fact, Chinese and Americans have different opposite attitudes homosexuals during different era. It is not the same as the attitudes that we have been thinking towards homosexuals.

A misunderstanding of the attitudes towards homosexuals, I think, as a result of lacking of understanding history. This study will contribute to the understanding of Chinese and Americans’ attitudes towards homosexuals.

Key words: homosexual, culture, time orientation, China, America.

1 The general introduction of the phenomenon

As we all know that we hardly talk about homosexuality in our daily life nowadays. Our education has taught us that love must be founded between different genders and indicates that love between same genders is not the true love. To some degree, it is not unfair to homosexuals. What ’ s more, it will make them keep a distance to us and then they will feel alone. Our government also does not allow us to some films about homosexuality. For example, Brokeback Mountain, which was Ang Lee's English-language work concerned with homosexuality. The film was not shown in mainland china. Perhaps, the government does not think that the values of the film should not spread in china. Therefore, individuals ’ lives are surrounded with conventional views and exclude those who are homosexuals.

However, in our memory, Americans’ attitudes towards homosexuals are much better than us Chinese. Recently, President Obama supports the marriage between homosexuals publicly. We do not care whether it is his policy in the American election. At least, it represents the government’ s standpoint. Homosexuals have their supporters from the nation. Soon after the president shows his position, the court of Boston federal judged that Defend marriage law had broken constitution. They think the law has discriminated against the right of homosexuals. We have to acknowledge that it stands for some progress. In some states, they can marry with the same gender. Certainly, individuals in these states can talk freely about homosexuality in a way. Generally, individuals will not exclude those homosexuals in these states.

2 My understanding

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