66Why is it impossible to measure the DFT of a coat of prefabrication primer on steel plates that have been blasted?

67a). What is the adhesive failure?

b). Please list reason for adhesive failure?

c). What is cohesive failure?

d). Please list reason for cohesive failure?

e). What method do we have for testing the adhesive and cohesive propertied of paint system?

68Please explain how the standard ISO 8501 – 1 is organized.

69What do we call that property which prevents high build coating from sagging?

70Please name the two most important pigments used in prefabrication primer.

71What do we mean by the term dry to touch?

73. Please name on chemically curing, inorganic one-component paint.

74. Why do we not in general use magnesium anodes to protect the underwater hull of ships?

75. How many square meters will a liter of 100% solids paint applied to a DFT of 1 um cover theoretically? 76. What is electrolyte?

77. Are electrons emitted from the anode or from the cathode in a galvanic circuit?

78. Are iron ions positively (积极 ) or negatively (消极 ) changed?

79. What is thinner?

80. What do we mean by a generic type?

81. What is the function of a concrete sealer coat?

82. Please explain what we mean by PH-scale.

83. Please name three abrasives used for centrifugal blast cleaning of steel.

84. Please name the three principles for drying/curing paint.

85. Please name one example of a generic type of paint form each of the three groups you have listed 84 above.

86. What do we mean by functionality (机能 ) in the resin of a chemical curing paint?

87. Please name three main components in a paint formulation.

88. What is osmotic blistering and why does it occur?

89. Why is vital to move the spray gun parallel to the substrate when applying paint by spray?

90. What problems with the paint film can be expected when you hold the spray gun 80cm away from the work piece?

91. In which standard can we find information about and classification of corrosive environment?

92. How do we check if a two component epoxy coating has cured sufficiently for coercoating with a polyurethane topcoat?

93. Please name the three principles by which paints protect steel from corrosion.

94. When a specification demand a metal cleanliness of minimum Sa 2.5 what does this mean?

At what time shall the metal have this cleanliness?

95. What does the standard ISO 8502 – 9 cover?

96. After having carried out an adhesion test by pull-off method you find both the dolly and the pulled off area on the steel to be covered with a pink primer. What kind of break does this signify?

97. You spill some epoxy thinner on the deck of a ship and you observe that the existing coating system becomes wrinkle on the surface. What can this tell you about the exiting coating system?

98. How will solvent affects you brain 脑 (acute 过敏 affect)?

99. What contamination can you reveal on the surface by lighting it up by means of an ultraviolet light bulb?

1. List 5 duties of a paint inspector.

2. What is the difference between Steel Preparation and Surface Preparation?

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