western food culture

western food culture

A Comparative study on food culture in Western and China 1. Introduce the food in China and Western

Food, as essential prerequisite for existence, is any substance that provides the nutrients necessary to maintain life and growth when ingested (Pamela & Kathryn, 1998:2). It plays an irreplaceable role in the development of society and in the progress of human being s, whether in ancient times when primitive man ate the raw flesh o f birds and beasts or in modern times when humans have entered the new era of information, and whether in East or in West.

Chinese food culture in this research mainly refers to the one in H an nationality. As we all know, China is a nation with 56 ethnic gr oups, each of which has its unique food, food habits, etc. But the Han nationality and its culture are the mainstream in China due to some historical, political and economic reasons, which, however, ar e not the main concerns of this research. Besides, the author whic h is much more familiar to the Han cultural background, than that of any other ethnic group.

Western food culture in this research is mainly concerned with the one in the English-speaking countries, especially in America and Br itain due to the fact that their cultural patterns and influence have become dominant in the West, which is generally recognized by th e international community. On the other hand, most of the material s and information on food culture collected by the author are all ab out American or British people’s food, food habits, etc.

There are great disparities between China and Western countries in etiquette and content of food cultures, so the comparative study of Chinese & Western food cultures will help us increase cross-cultur al awareness that tolerating, understanding, and furthermore, apprec iating and respecting cultural difference is essential if we are to ac hieve cross-cultural competence during the interaction. Moreover, as we communicate with people from different cultures, we will learn more about them and their way of life, including their history, value s and the substance of their personality, and eventually, we will un derstand them better, or feel empathy with them. Based on the ab ove-mentioned purposes, the author of this thesis hopes this resear ch, to some extent, be of significance both theoretically and practic ally.

2. Comparison of Food Culture between China and West from Table

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