4 Frankenstein

4 Frankenstein

Frankenstein (6780)

1. I Go to University

My name is Frankenstein – Victor Frankenstein. IU was born in 1870 in the beautiful city of Geneva(日内瓦 ), in Switzerland. My father and mother loved me very much and my early life was happy. My younger brother, William, was born when I was twelve years old.

Two years later, my dear Elizabeth(伊丽莎白 ) came to live to live with us. She was the daughter of my father‟s best friend. When Elizabeth‟s parents died, Elizabeth came to live with us in our hose. I loved her from that time.

I was a good pupil at school and always came first in the examinations. I was always interested in science. I wanted to learn about human life. I wanted to learn more in order to help people. I wanted to make their life better.

When I was eighteen, my mother died. Before she died, my mother spoke to Elizabeth and myself.

„My children,‟ she said, „I hope that one day you will marry. Then you, my dear Elizabeth, can look after William.‟

My mother looked at me and smiled.

„My dear Victor, the family hopes that you will do great things,‟ she said. „Soon you are going to the University. I know you will work hard. Perhaps, one day, you will be famous. You have been a good son and I can die happy.‟

I cried when my mother died. But now I am glad that she is dead. My work has brought death

and sadness to the world. Because of me, the people I loved have died.

Three weeks after my mother‟s death, I left Geneva. I was going to study at the great German University of Heidelburg. I spent my last evening in Geneva with my friend, Henry Clerval. „You are lucky, Victor.‟ Henry said, „I wish I was going with you. But my father wants me to work in the family business. You will become a doctor or a professor. Your work will be known all over the world.‟

„We shall always be friends, Henry,‟ I told him. „I shall see you soon. We shall be together again in the holidays.‟

„Write to me soon, Victor,‟ Henry said.

„Of course,‟ I answered.

In the morning, I said goodbye to my father, to Elizabeth and to my little brother, William. I was sorry to leave home. But I wanted to go to the university. I wanted to study and to learn everything.

How I wish that I had never left Geneva!

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