Is puppy love a serious thing

Is puppy love a serious thing

Is puppy love a serious thing? Different people have different ideas. Some people think that puppy love is belonged to teenagers, it’s just for joking, and it only adds much pleasure when someone is boring. It’s a kind of condiment for the young who know little about love. Adolescence is a period that youngsters want to know more about the opposite sex.

I hold an opposite opinion, in my mind, the answer is yes. The reasons of mine are as followed.

We are involved in a series of love which are from parents、teachers、friends、society and so on. Love is kind of holy and scared feeling, no matter how old we are, how much we know. We should be grateful for all the love we are received.

Puppy love which usually happened at a young age is a type of pure feeling.Puppy love is a process of exploration of love. He and she are Ignorant and they are not old enough to promise something because they aren’t mature, but it didn’t means that puppy love is a process of joking, because both sides should be responsible for what they had done, such as the memories of laughter and pain they bring to each other. The attitude is always reflect one’s character, if someone is joking for many things, even in emotion, which one would love to make friends with he or she?

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