step by step3000 2答案1-6

step by step3000 2答案1-6

re were religious differences.

Part II - B

1. physical appearance;

2. what somebody looks like, ....., look beyond the physical appearance

3. the high percentage of divorces.

4. falling love with somebody,..... ,loving somebody


What do you think it is that attracts people to each other, that makes people want to be together?

I think that perhaps unfortunately in the initial stages it's the physical appearance that attracts. I think unless you find somebody attractive, unless there's something about them-it could only perhaps be the way they smile or they laugh, or a twinkle in their eye, or the way of a curl falls over their forehead. But something like that has to make you interested enough to find out more about that person, unless that's there I think you just don't bother. So initially physical attraction I think is all important.

Why do you say "unfortunately"?

Because in fact it shouldn't be what somebody looks like that is important. You should be able to look beyond he physical appearance and see what sort of a person he or she is, whether they are selfish or selfless, whether they are kind, caring. But I think initially you are not bothered with that. That come perhaps later.

In pop songs and magazines and newspapers and son on, the idea of falling love in s always emphasized, so people have this idea that you have to fall in love. Do you think this is misleading for people? Do you think people expect something that in fact doesn't exist?

Yes, I do. In fact I think we can probably lay the blame for the high percentage of divorce--it's a third I think now, isn't it? I think one in three people get divorced. Probably as far as I can see it, the reason is that they go into marriage or into a relationship with a very romantic view of love which I think has been created by the pop songs, by all the love stores, by the Barbara Cartland novels, etc. , that young people read. Really, you meet someone, you fall in love, and that's it., it's the beginning, they live happily even after. And I think that's the problem, because people just expect that, and it's not like that.

So what is it, do you think, that really sustains a relationship, that keeps a relationship going?

Well, I think you have to differentiate between falling in love with somebody, which I see as more superficial, and loving somebody, which I see as a deeper emotion and one that perhaps lasts. Falling in love is superficial attraction, being attracted to somebody physically, having fun together, whereas loving somebody I think is an emotion that grows, it comes with shared experiences, perhaps enjoying doing the same things together, shared hobbies, shared interests, suffering together as well, going through the bad times, helping each other, supporting each other. I think all that needs time to grow, and I'd call that love, and I think that's what makes a relationship last.

Part II - C

one of the biggest decisions they will make in life,


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